We love our land and our work. We put passion into what we do…

famiglia-cenciniThe farm is the product of the owner Dr. Domenico Angella’s love of the land of the Maremma. He and our father Enrico, who was his steward, managed these “dry, rocky fields” for seventy years, and it is thanks to their hard work that the land now produces top quality wine and olive oil.

They handed down the tradition to us, the Cencini brothers, and we intend to continue working the land with the same care. We opened the holiday farmhouse a few years ago and recently added arestaurant.

We like to think that we are guests of this wonderful house just like you, and we would be happy to have you here with us! We are proud to say that we are farmers and will continue to be farmers, because this is where our roots lie, this is our land, where we were born and live; this is our story! Come and get to know us!